Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some days you just want to stay in your bathrobe.

I am feeling very unmotivated today. Not nearly enough sleep has been had lately. Gf works until 10 or 11 at night sometimes, and I never go to bed until after she has come home and is ready for bed too. I try...but then I just end up awake until she gets I might as well stay up and knit/crochet/coupon right?

Anyways. So today I have pretty much just been hanging out in my bathrobe and Pj's. I've gotten things accomplished still. I crocheted the Teddy Bear baby hat for a friend's baby shower coming up, finished some laundry and fed and played with children... I just don't feel like getting dressed.

I've also done some blog cruising which is one of my favorite pastimes, Tweeted some pics, emailed a few friends and perused a few online stores for new picture frames to hang in my living room.

It's after noon now and the kids are napping... I think I may join them.

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