Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facebook and Plurk and Twitter OH MY!

Like many other people, lately I have been growing increasingly frustrated with Facebook. I used to love facebook for the games, and the ability to so easily and simply communicate and share things with all of my friends/family. Now... the games are pretty much un-playable because of all of the clutter and spam crap. Facebook keeps "improving" so that now half of my friends don't show up on my newsfeed and I have to go hunting to find out whats going on in everyones world. That pretty much defeats the purpose.

I used to be a Twitter fanatic...but have grown tired of it too. Twitter seems to be nothing more than a place for celebrities to toot their own horns and spammers to bombard us with links to "Free Porn" and "Work at Home" opportunities.

The only place that I feel is truly a SOCIAL network anymore, is Plurk. I love me some Plurk. I'm definitely there more than I am anywhere else. It's social, and fun...very little (pretty much NONE) spam and I have not seen ONE CELEBRITY with a Plurk page. NOT to mention that all my totally awesome Knitting/Crocheting friends are there.

In other news... I'm working on this purse with a little bit changed to add some width (and thanks to picnicknits for modifying the pattern for me!)... so far I'm less than a quarter through...but so far so good.

Hmmm...what else is new in my world this week... nothing. lol. I lead such an exciting existence. lol.

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