Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twice in one week? Miracle!

Holy Cow! I'm actually posting TWO blog entries within a few days. Twice in one week. I'm pretty proud of myself. lol

Thought today would be as good a day as any to update the interwebz on my knitting/crocheting projects that have been keeping these hands of mine busy lately.

First we have the pink/purple baby sweater set...

This set is being made for my friend Krissy, for her new baby niece. It's turned out pretty well...only things left to do are the ribbon drawstring and the buttons need to be sewn on. I also need to do a bunny hat, a matching hat and some booties too...but those are taking a little longer than I had planned. This yarn can be difficult to work with in small patterns.

Also in progress at the moment is a Spiderman Afghan for Krissy's nephew...so far its turning out really good...just have a few more rows to add, and then the black webbing from the outside edge into the center.

 And in other news... well...there isn't any other news. lol.


Julia said...

SOOO cute! Luv 'em! So...are you still up for a big order of girly outfits? I would LOVE anything pink, purple, yellow, white or any combination of little lady favorites! I'd be happy to send you some money for the yarn (since I have absolutely no idea what to buy or what looks good together, if I were to try and pick out colors myself). Is paypal the best way to do that? Also, approximately how yarn does one of these adorable outfits take to complete? It there a general price range? Sorry, I'm just a little clueless about crocketing over here. Please forgive my ignorance, but let me know, 'cause I'd love to have some winter outfits for my little ladies--that is, if your crocheting to do list isn't too lengthy already. Just let me know.


Julia said...

P.S. Feel free to e-mail me to talk about outfit details, pricing, etc: juliepatootie@gmail.com. Thanks!