Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stuff I've made so far...

So my "super quick" scrap scarf is still in progress (not much progress but eh, whatever) so I figured I'd post some pictures of the stuff I've made since my re-dedication to knitting. 

This is Baxter the family gaurd dog (haha) in his sweater (that ended up being too big...but thats ok cause he doesn't know the difference).


This is my youngest daughter modeling the hat I made for my girlfriend. The hat ended up matching the dog's sweater but I swear I didn't do that on purpose. lol

This scarf took me FOR FREAKIN EVER to make, and I ended up running out of yarn so it is more like a small stole now. lol
My oldest daughter modeling said scarf and the previous hat.

This headband/ear warmer and scarf combo I made for my
Mom to wear when riding her horses in the cold weather.

I'm pretty proud of these ugly socks. My first project on double pointed needles...and they actually came out looking like socks!

I made this hat for my girlfriend...but it ended up being too small so my daughter wears it instead.

This hat was my first hat on circulars... turned out pretty good!

Cute little quilted blanket I made for my three year old...she drags this thing around with her everywhere.

This is a Ring Sling I made for my old co-worker to carry her chihuahua around. lol

I made this purse for my daughter and she thought it would make a good dog-purse. lol

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