Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you like fun stuff?

Do you like fun stuff? I know I like fun here is a link you should click( ) ...go visit Spinners_World and buy fun stuff!

I found this lovely lady on Plurk (which btw is waaaay better than Twitter, so if you aren't already a member you should join!) and have been enjoying all of her witty commentary and knit/spin/craft posts.

In other news I have been busy busy busy with lots of crochet projects...but I feel my crochet kick is coming to an end. I think I will be reverting back to Knitting here pretty soon... I'm going to buy sock yarn and make a few more pairs of socks. Maybe even a sweater...*gasp*

I will be back to posting and blogging and participating in social stuff again fairly stay tuned!

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