Monday, July 26, 2010 much for blogging every

Ok, so I have been totally derelict in my blogging apologies.

Here is the haps:

Finished my first "baby set" turned out pretty good for my first effort. Next time will be even more better. lol

Ummm...lets see.... oH ya. Made a really neat watch cap that my Gf picked out, it turned out pretty good despite the fact that I had the wrong size needles and wrong type of yarn. lol

Everything else in our life is pretty much the same as always...just livin life and getting through.

Things aren't always perfect, but when things aren't perfect is when you learn to appreciate the good things, ya know?

I promise I'll be blogging more... I really will! I hope.


Holly Bee said...

The baby set is adorable! What pattern is that cardi?

Knifty Thrifty said...

The sweater is from this:

but I changed it just a tiny bit and didn't use buttons.