Friday, May 7, 2010

Today is the day.

I am the worst procrastinator. If there is something that I don't want to do... I will stall till the END OF TIME to avoid having to do it.

Unfortunately my house has not yet learned how to clean itself. So today is the day. Today I am going to crank up the motivational cleaning music (otherwise known as my country playlist) and I'm going to clean the you-know-what out of this apartment.

Here is my List

1. Kitchen counters- putting away all the random crap that has accumulated on my countertops, dishes, stove, and worst of all, the floor *sadface*

2. The living room-The coffee table needs to be cleared, bad. I'm a horrible packrat and it shows in the middle of my living room. The floor needs to be vacuumed and everything needs to be dusted. Oh, and the couch needs to be vacuumed because of the glitter that is covering my whole house from the Glow Bug costume construction.

3. Bathrooms- I have been avoiding cleaning my bathroom for like a month. It's time.

4. Laundry room- It's so cluttered and I've got about five loads of laundry that need to be done.

5. My bedroom- I need to get the dressers cleared, the closet organized and everything dusted.

Ok, theres my list for today. If you see me online today before I have come back to cross off all of these things from my list... you have my permission to yell at me.

(unless of course you see me online and are telling me that I finally won one of the Hana irons...) lol

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