Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knitting myself a Pity party...take 2

Welll.... once again I was foiled in my attempt to knit myself something.

I started the Yoga Socks...only to realize that the pattern wasn't written for someone with 17 inch calves. *headdesk*

So I frogged it. And started over with a larger CO. Then I realized that I the larger CO made the foot part too large.*headdesk* So I frogged it.

Sooo.... I started with a p1k1 rib in the foot with two stitches more CO, and I plan on increasing every third row instead of every 8th row once I get past the ankle area....and hopefully I manage to make this work. *sigh*


Lorna said...

Maybe if I knitted this would make sense. Sorry you are having issues making yourself a present. You deserve something knitted since you make such nice stuff for other people. Like me :D Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is hard to remember that we knit to relax. LOL

Hope the new cast on works. :-)