Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sick. Blech. Yuck.

I hate getting sick.

I hate the feeling you get when you know you are starting to get sick, and you want to fight it, stop it, do SOMETHING to keep it from happening.

But you can't. You just have to suffer and wait for the inevitable to happen. Yesterday it was a headache that I woke up with. By the afternoon my neck was sore and my stomach was queasy. By last night it was a fever, with pressure in my ears and jaw.

Great. Juuuust great. I wake up this morning, and yup, headache...check. Neckache...check. Sinus pressure and ear pain... check.

Damnit. I'm sick.

aaaaannnnnd.... because being sick doesn't SUCK enough, I'm still out of coffee creamer and stuck in the house.

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