Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween! (a little late)

 Happy Halloween!!

I totally forgot to post this last I'm a little behind. lol

Last year I said I was going to make the girls costume totally by hand...and then by the time I realized how close halloween was... I only had time to make about half of one of them.

So Lily wanted to be a witch and Ru wanted to be a I made Ru's ears, paws, collar and tail myself (all knit of course) and bought her little "suit" from Walmart.  

Lily's costume was all store bought, it's a little harder to make a witch costume with a small budget and very little time. It took FOREVER to do her makeup, because the cheap walmart halloween facepaint took like ten layers to get it to actually look right.

Trick or Treating was a little frustrating. We had to walk across the street to the neighborhood across the street from us, and there were so many houses with no one home, but they left their porch lights on (don't they know halloween etiquette says to turn the porch light off if you aren't handing out candy!) so for ever five houses the girls walked up to, there was maybe two that handed out candy.  That's a lot of walking for a four year old.
Of course I almost got us lost because these stupid neighborhoods all the houses look the same. It's like walking around in a cornfield at night.

So next year I'm going to plan better and start making the costumes in July like I should have this year. lol

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